31 October 2023

SAGA- Skraelings meet the Jomsvikings!

Two weeks ago, Myself and PY got together for another game of SAGA at his house in Lachine. PY has been rapidly painting up figures for SAGA in anticipation of our clubs invitational SAGA tournament at the Abyss on November 25.
This was PY's first AoV game, I like playing my Skraelings and I was expecting to face off against Vikings and had brought their BattleBoard with me. I was shocked to find out that he was planning to play the JomsVikings which are certainly quite a bit different than the vanilla Vikings who I have played against several times in the past. I had never faced the Jomsvikings and their novel mechanic of Wrath. 
Basically, the Jomsvikings opponent has to choose whether to cancel the BB advanced abilities by giving them Wrath. I thus started the game with no idea what I was facing! 

Jomsvikings-6 Saga Dice

3 points of Warriors
3 points of Hearthguard

Skraelings-6 Saga Dice

5 points of Warriors
1 points of Hearthguard


Pitched Battle
Marshy Country
Forced March

The Game
We started quite close together with minimal terrain.
Anxious to wipe out those invaders
What in the hell is this coming at us.
I had to deploy first so essentially I had to run my troops to the opposite flank from whence I started. This was a tricky game as it was only going to be 5 turns. I believe I might of rushed in a little to quickly and because of this I set up well and never got to use my totems, except one. 
I put the eagle totem on my 10 man band of javelin armed warriors but before I knew they essentially got multiple casualties early on. 
I was able to put some damage though on 2 of the Jomsvikings HG units.
I like using the Skraelings as they are quite nimble.
Before we knew it 5 turns were up, we tallied up the points. The difference was less than 3 so a draw. I do like this action shot of 2 Jomsvikings HG running away.

I enjoyed the game and certainly the Jomsvikings are a novel opponent, certainly the next time I meet them, I will have their BB in front of me. I have to decide what to play in the tournament, the Skraelings may not be a good choice, I am tempted to use my Anglo-Saxons. 

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