26 November 2023

SAGA: Anglo-Saxons vs Jomsvikings

I am a bit behind in posting my reports of games, this is a game that took place about 10 days ago with my friend Pierre-Yves. Unfortunately, blogger is becoming increasing dysfunctional at times which make it difficult to upload photos. Some of the details are now a bit foggy, but what I remember is that it is one of the best games of SAGA, I have had in a while....................despite losing!


3 points of Hearthguard
3 points of Warriors


2.5 points of Hearthguard
2.5 points of Warriors
1 point of Bow-armed Levy

Unfortunately, I have forgotten some of the details of the setup but we used the French Scenario pack for SAGA ( I do not believe it exists in English). There a 6 scenarios in the pamphlet and I suspect most of them exist in the main rulebooks, we played the "Les combat du chefs". It was a good scenario. 

I really have forgotten the details now, but I did go with large units all being 10 figures aside from the Levy which were 12.
The Battle Line, with the Jomsviking on the right.
I played a fairly aggressive game initiating the first attack on the my right
Really did not much with my Levy
This dis not go well as you can see below.
Final line after 6 turns.

The final score was 16 to 10 for the Jomsvikings. I enjoy playing the Anglo-Saxons and I will stick with them for a while in Age of Vikings games.

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